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From computer to network. When computer scientist Mark Weiser published his essay on “The Computer for the 21st Century” in “Scientific American” magazine, computers were still unwieldy boxes sitting atop desks. But Weiser was a visionary who predicted these boxes would soon disappear and our physical world would be full of smart devices connected through a global information network.

Mark Weiser
American computer scientist



Ferdinand Porsche was 23 years old when he designed his first automobile – and simultaneously introduces a revolutionary technology. The “Lohner-Porsche” caused a sensation at the Paris World’s Fair because it was powered by two wheel-hub electric motors driving the front wheels. Porsche went one better just over a year later: the “Semper Vivus” (always alive) was the first hybrid car ever made.

Ferdinand Porsche
Automobile engineer and entrepreneur



The opening of the Suez Canal and railroad construction in North America inspired Jules Verne to write “Around the World in 80 Days”. In this classic tale of adventure, the eccentric Englishman Phileas Fogg sets out to circumnavigate the world, making the dream of global mobility come true. The story was inspired by a trip round the world actually undertaken by the American George Francis Train in 1870.

Jules-Gabriel Verne
Writer and visionary

It all comes down to trust

Matthias Müller (62) has been CEO of Volkswagen AG since the end of September 2015. He talks about trust, his notion of leadership, and about the future of the Group.

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