Sustainable Value Enhancement

Volkswagen does not tolerate any infringements of rules or laws. We will do everything in our power to earn our Stakeholders’ trust back. We strive for a comprehensive realignment. Our goal is to run our business responsibly along the entire value chain. Everyone should benefit from this – our customers, our employees, the environment and society.

The main financial key performance indicators for the Volkswagen Group are described in the “Results of Operations, Financial Position and Net Assets” chapter. Nonfinancial key performance indicators also attest to the effectiveness of our Company’s value drivers. These include our processes in the areas of research and development, procurement, production, marketing and sales, information technology and quality assurance. In all of these processes, we are aware of our responsibility towards our customers, our employees, the environment and society. In this chapter, we show how we increase the value of our Company in a sustainable way using examples.